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Someone should write a story based on these photos, is all I’m saying.

they are all so hot smgdh

story time. guy number 1 goes to the diner and his friend said he would be there at ten but he is Nowhere to be seen. and he’s pissed because the waitress is shooting him this nasty look and he s like im sorry!! im sorry!! he said he’d be here!! so he just orders his bacon and eggs and toast and eats very slowly with his eyes fixed at some point in the distance and his friend does not show. finally his phone rings nad he answers. it’s his friend! calling from the desert. “my car broke down broe! this sux!” and then guy 1 feels relief because at least he was not stood up. “ok broe” guy 1 says “i will be there soon which grain of sand r u near” 

that’s when guy 3 enters. he sits at the counter and puts his foot across the aisle. “excuse me broe” guy 1 says “my friend is stranded in the god forsaken desert and your leg is in my way” 

"sorry broe. i did not realise" guy 3 says, embarrassed, "i get so caught up when im flexing for strangers i dont notice that my enormous muscles are often in the way of others" he runs his hands through his hair poof and looks out the window, feeling very sexy

guy 1 gets guy 2 from the desert and they go for milkshakes (but not at the diner to avoid future flexing) 

shut down the book factory this story is one for the ages

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stop doing things in unison you adorable little jerKs

God dammit

A thing I love about Gravity Falls is the twins’ personalities are so distinct, you sometimes forget they’re twins. Yet at the same time they will often do ‘twin’ things like move or talk in unison. They’re their own characters yet they are also a set, and that healthy balance is a great characterization.

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